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Dynamic Workshops on Creativity, Innovation, Growth Mindset,

and Design Thinking

The Topic: Creativity, innovation, and design are at the center of successful businesses and thoughtful leadership. From product design, to marketing, to branding, to engineering solutions and system design, highly developed creative and innovative approaches prove vital to solving problems, increasing productivity, and ensuring the sustainability of our businesses. With the increasing development of new technologies, new forms of communication, and an ever-expanding global market, it’s now more important than ever to understand how to make the best use of these attributes in our endeavors.


The Program: This interactive workshop series examines various theories behind creative and innovative mindsets—including the important distinction between creativity and innovation. Attendees will be called upon to participate in a variety of developmental exercises that provide salient opportunities to test out various theories in the context of their specific workplace environment and business goals.


Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace

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