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Our Mission

Performance Learning Concepts is an innovative training and development company that offers small-scale programs that actively engage participants in the learning process via thoughtful and progressive pedagogical practices.

We work with a variety of organizations—from large corporations to small businesses to professional organizations and universities—on a variety of topics like Communication, Innovation and Creativity, Design Thinking, Growth Mindset, and Change Leadership.

Through our carefully designed, interactive programs, we demonstrate our firm commitment to challenge and equip those in the professional world to reach their greatest potential. We take what we do seriously, because we know that growth in our professional lives in these areas not only makes us better at work—it makes us better at life.


Rod C. Taylor, Ph.D., CEO

Our Distinction


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Concepts is in our name! While many training and development programs focus only on the technical skills or strategies on any given topic, we dig deep into the concepts and theories behind these skills and strategies as well. This focus on principles enables participants to apply their new knowledge in a variety of professional contexts and continue their growth through self-development.

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Our training is exciting! We believe people learn best by doing, so we fill our workshops with interactive exercises, group breakouts, and lively discussions—all of which allow attendees to immediately put new knowledge to practical use and build on the existing knowledge participants bring to the table. No “data dumping” and no dull lectures. In fact, due to the interactive nature of our  programs, we limit the size of most sessions to 15 participants, which allows us to maximize personal attention for those present and take adequate time for our interactive exercises.



You can ask questions! PLC facilitators are well-established subject matter experts in their fields—celebrated teachers, published scholars, and successful business leaders with wide-ranging experiences in using the principles and concepts we share in our workshops. As such, our facilitators welcome questions and discussions on the topics we offer. Feel free to dig in.

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