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Our Mission

Performance Learning Concepts is dedicated to helping our clients succeed with their organizations by offering thoughtful training and development programs that actively engage participants in the learning process. We work with a variety of organizations, from large corporations to small businesses to professional conferences and universities, on a wide variety of topics like communication, Design Thinking, leadership, team-building, innovation and creativity, and growth mindset. In all matters, our mission is to help these organizations better succeed in their endeavors, connect with their customers, employees, and members, and reach their goals as effectively and efficiently as possible.

This company was founded by Rod C. Taylor, Ph.D.—a former university professor who’s taught and held leadership posts at universities like Stanford, Indiana University, and the Honors College at Tennessee State University. Throughout his academic career, he was often asked to lead workshops and consult on matters pertaining to communication, leadership, creativity and innovation, and education, to name just a few. Delighted with working and teaching in business environments, he decided to create a formal platform that enables him and his highly skilled team of facilitators to better help those in business realms via engaging, powerful training and development programs that incorporate the best of both modern and time-tested principles and interactive teaching methods.

From large-scale businesses like Nissan North America, RTI International, and Deloitte Global to celebrated universities like Stanford and Colorado State University, PLC clients benefit from training and development programs that increase effectiveness, productivity, and cohesiveness in a variety of contexts.

Rod C. Taylor, Ph.D.


Our Distinction


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While many training and development programs tend to focus mostly on the technical skills involved in any given area, we focus more on the concepts and principles behind the technical, which leads to a lifelong application of the applied skill sets in a variety of contexts.

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All our training programs are highly interactive. Because we strongly believe that people learn best by doing, we fill our workshops with interactive exercises that allow attendees to immediately put new knowledge to practical use. No “data dumping,” and no dull lectures. Ever. 



PLC facilitators are celebrated teachers, published scholars, and successful business leaders with wide ranging experience in the use of the concepts they teach—along with teaching and training experience ranging from top educational institutions like Stanford University to premier corporations like Deloitte and Nissan North America.

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