Rod C. Taylor, Ph.D.



Ph.D., Indiana University
M.A., Missouri State University
B.S. Ed (Secondary Education, English),
Missouri State University

The CEO and President of Performance Learning Concepts, Rod Taylor is an award-winning educator, scholar, author, and musician who has been active in teaching, leadership training, music, and technology for over twenty years. He’s taught at Stanford, Indiana University, and the Honors College at Tennessee State University. Advance degrees in education, literature, writing, and philosophy have influenced his approach to working with leaders, teachers, and those in the business world, and, as a result, he has published, presented, written, and taught in all of these areas over the last two decades. From academic publications like Oxford University Press to popular blogs in leadership organizations, Rod’s published numerous articles on the topics of creativity, education, and cooperative learning. His interdisciplinary approach to the arts and business has him traveling internationally to speak and lead workshops on Communication, Design Thinking, Innovation and Creativity, Growth Mindset, and Business Leadership.


Rod also serves as a Fellow at the Design School in Paris, France (d. School Paris-Est), a non-degree granting institution modeled after the Stanford d. School where people from all over the world can learn more about design thinking and how it can improve their organizations and products. As a Fellow, Rod travels to the school 3–4 times a year to teach for a few days about design thinking as it pertains to leadership, organizational strategy, communication, and teaching.


Additionally, Rod has long been involved in music, as a performer, educator, and writer. A bass player for over two decades, he has written for a variety of music magazines, including Bass Player Magazine, Bass Guitar Magazine, and No Treble. As a bassist, Rod has been fortunate enough to play and/or record with Krista Detor, Artemis Robison, Victor Wooten, Chuck Rainey, and a variety of other great musicians. He also serves as an Artist in Residence and consultant to the Commercial Music Program at Lipscomb University in his home city of Nashville, TN.

Nashville, TN, USA