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Inspiring and Interactive Keynotes

PLC CEO Rod Taylor, Ph.D. has been delivering keynotes for years on a variety of topics—from Communication to Leadership to Growth Mindset to Design Thinking, and variety of others. His energetic style, deep understanding of the topics, and inclusion of interactive elements engage audiences and inspire them to continue to explore the subjects on their own. These keynotes offer an engaging way to kickstart discussions on key issues that help us succeed in professional communities.

Music and Messaging

A long time professional musician, Rod Taylor also offers musical-centered versions of his keynotes that are interactive and full of energy. Living in Nashville, Rod is fortunate to know a variety of award-winning musicians who help him deliver these kinds of programs. Beside being great musicians, these artists are thoughtful people, with a passion for music, the arts, and learning. He's delivered these kinds of keynotes in a variety of contexts—from large corporations like the Newspaper Association of America, Terracon: Consulting Engineers and Scientists, and Mountain Pacific Association of College and Employers, to student-centered programs at Stanford, Indiana University, and Lipscomb University. For more information on each of these music-centered keynote topics, click on an image below and a more detailed .pdf file will be made available to view or download.

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To book a keynote, contact:

Katie Flint, M.A.

PLC Manager/Agent

T: 217-714-6568


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