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Foundations of Effective Communication

Foundations of Effective Business Communication provides a ground-level workshop that explores the core theoretical and pragmatic underpinnings for effective communication in the professional world. We’ll take a critical look at the crucial role audience and purpose play in shaping our business communications, explore the differences between tone and style (and how they impact audience reception and meaning), and dig into the application of rhetorical theory as it applies to the various genres of communication that frequently occur in our professional environments. Additionally, during this training participants will have the chance to put these concepts into practice via composition exercises that allow them to assess and improve their communication patterns quickly and effectively.


As with all PLC programs, Foundations of Effective Business Communication is facilitated by a highly qualified expert in the field and features interactive breakout activities, lively discussions, and a focus on direct application to the participants professional environments.


Topics Covered

  • Exploring Audience and Purpose in Business Communications
  • Understanding Tone and Style in Business Communications

  • Strategies for Effective Tone and Style in Business Communication

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