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Introduction to Design Thinking

This program provides an active introduction to Design Thinking methodology, along with the chance for participants to quickly put it in practice. From the first step of Empathy to the last of Implementation, Design Thinking’s five-step process offers a coordinated and purposeful approach to problem solving, designing products and systems, and much more. Now formally taught at the d. School at Stanford and other d. school programs across the globe, Design Thinking is practiced by many of the most successful companies in the world.


Participants in Introduction to Design Thinking program will engage with the Design Thinking process via lively discussions, small group breakouts, and interactive exercises. Over the two days, participants will work in teams with various internal challenges, allowing them to engage with Design Thinking strategies in a practical manner, while learning how it operates as a highly productive problem-solving methodology.

Topics Covered Include:

  • A History of Design Thinking

  • Why Design Thinking Matters

  • The Design Thinking Process

  • Design Thinking in Your Workplace

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