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Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace

This workshop offers participants a fun and energizing exploration of a topic central to success of any organization. Through engaging activities and discussions, participants will be called upon to re-examine commonly held assumptions on creativity, reflect on what might be holding them back creatively, and learn how to work more efficiently as a team on creative projects. This program also offers participants the chance to learn—and put into practice—concepts and techniques that ultimately lead to more meaningful, purposeful, and sustainable innovation practices in a business environment. Along the way, we’ll explore long-established and highly celebrated theories on creativity and imagination and examine strategies for further developing our creative problem solving skills.


Program Outcomes

After the training, participants in the program will be able to:

  • Better define how creative thinking/problem solving works.

  • Navigate internal and external barriers to creative thinking.

  • Organize and participate in structured collaborative creative processes.

  • Understand the important difference between creative and innovative processes and goals.

  • Work to create a “culture of innovation” in their work environment.

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