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Leveraging the Power of Stories

Stories have power. From the earliest beginnings of our childhood we learn this truth, and it gets validated throughout our entire lives thanks to the endless stream of stories told to us in our homes, at school, and at work. Stories don’t use entertain us, though. They also shape our attitudes, influences our actions, and can even override our comfort with the familiar and propel us to change. But hearing a powerful story and telling one are two different things, and the latter is not so easy to do. In this workshop, we examine the universal elements of stories that make them appealing, unpack the key elements that make them so influential, and put into practice the skills that enable us to harness their power in our own professional worlds.

Topics Covered:

  • The Universal Qualities of Storytelling

  • The Power of Stories

  • Key Components of Great Stories

  • Crafting Your Story

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