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Healthy leadership functions as the foundational component of any successful organization, and contemporary research and scientific studies shows that healthy leaders contribute powerfully toward an organization’s success. However, leadership is not for the faint of heart, and not all leaders are healthy or lead their organizations to success. At its worst, unhealthy leadership can lead to negative office culture, infighting, retention and recruitment problems, loss of productivity, loss of profit, negative brand, and mediocre product and services. But even healthy leaders struggle with how to create and maintain an environment of innovation, vision clarity, empowerment, and productivity, especially in a changing business environment.


The Leading Through Change program provides a transformative experience for current and future leaders, with the specific purpose of helping them thoughtfully assess and productively respond to the challenges associated with our ever-changing business environments.

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This program will benefit mid to senior-level leaders who operate within a changing and growing business environment and wish to maximize their management skill sets to effectively empower their teams through creative and innovative leadership practices.


Participants in the program will:

  • Identify, assess, and prioritize current challenges related to changes in their organizations and leadership roles.

  • Practice communication strategies for connecting better with those whom they lead, while engaging in authentic and productive dialogue surrounding changing tasks and environments.

  • Explore Design Thinking philosophy, its relevance to leadership strategies, and create a plan for applying the first step, “Empathy,” to their current leadership goals in responding to change and growth.



Thoughtful and progressive educational philosophies drive our approach to learning. As such, our programs are filled with engaging, experiential, pragmatic, and stimulating learning exercises that allow participants to put knowledge to practical use during the workshop.

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