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Elevating Your Executive Presence

Although there’s no single definition for Executive Presence, at the heart of the concept sits the idea that leaders who possess it speak with authority and inspire confidence in those whom they lead and in those with whom they communicate. Whether articulating a vision, leading change, building client relationships, or inspiring others to do their best, executive presence proves crucial to our success as leaders in a variety of professional settings. In PLC’s executive presence program, however, we do more than focus on simple tactics for increasing surface-level confidence. Rather, we drill down to the core concepts that ultimately lead to a more authentic, organic self-assurance that, in turn, leads to a more effective communication style as a leader—whether speaking, writing, or presenting.


In this program (1 or 2 day options), we begin with unpacking the term Executive Presence, move to an exploration of tone and style (including practical exercises that help us understand and elevate both), examine strategies that increase the effectiveness of our formal presentations, take a deep dive into contemporary theories that ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the support we offer in any given persuasive communication, and end with a look at how best to anticipate, and respond to, counterarguments and challenges to our ideas. As with all PLC programs, this program features interactive breakout activities, lively discussions, and a focus on direct application to the participants’ professional environments.

Topics Covered:

  • Understanding Executive Presence (what it is and what it isn't)
  • Tone, Style, and Executive Presence

  • Strategies for Delivering Powerful Presentations

  • Influence, Integrity, and Executive Presence

  • Leveraging the Power of Disagreement

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