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Leading Through Change

Details Program Description

The Leading Through Change program by Performance Learning Concepts
provides a transformative experience for current and future leaders, with the
specific purpose of helping them thoughtfully assess and productively
respond to the challenges associated with our ever-changing business environments.

This program will benefit mid to senior-level managers who operate within a
changing and growing business environment and wish to maximize their
management skill sets to effectively empower their teams through creative
and innovative leadership practices.

Participants in the program will:
• Identify, assess, and prioritize current challenges related to changes in their
organizations and leadership roles.
• Practice communication strategies for connecting better with those whom
they lead, while engaging in authentic and productive dialogue surrounding
changing tasks and environments.
• Explore Design Thinking philosophy, its relevance to leadership strategies,
and create a plan for applying the first step, “Empathy,” to their current
leadership goals in responding to change and growth.

Thoughtful and progressive educational philosophies drive our approach to
learning. As such, our programs are filled with engaging, experiential, pragmatic,
and stimulating learning exercises that allow participants to put
knowledge to practical use during the workshop.

Together, Dr. Rod Taylor and Jeremy Podany hold five degrees in higher
education and have collectively led hundreds of unique groups through
training and development workshops and conferences—from world-leading
accounting firms like Deloitte to innovative manufacturing and sales organizations
like Nissan North America.

Detailed Outline of Program

Assessing Change

•Evaluate your and your teammatesʼ unique style and approach
to handling change
•Gain clarity on the types of changes happening in your organization
and how to best approach them

Healthy Qualities of Leading Change

•Develop strategies for moving your department or organization
forward through changing goals and environments
•Acquire further insight into conflict resolution
•Learn how to invest in your own personal health as a leader

Communicating Through Change

•Explore the communication habits of persuasive leaders
•Learn the important difference between convincing someone and
persuading them to act
•Learn techniques for communicating productively through the
process of change

Handling the Pressures of Change

•Develop an increased grit and mindfulness of the varying
pressures associated with change leadership
•Harness the value of professional lifelines
•Create a personal plan to stay fresh during change and help
others do the same

Designing Your Change

•Dive into the core principles of Design Thinking—an innovative
methodology that provides a clear multistep path that can guide
our leadership decisions, from empathy to implementation
•Learn to purposefully design your change management leadership
•Examine the powerful connection between empathy and strong

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