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Virtual Programming

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While PLC remains first and foremost focused on the in-person training and development programs we offer our clients, we recognize that getting everyone together in one physical place can sometimes present too great of a challenge.

To that end, PLC does offer some of our programs for clients in a virtual format. Like all of our programs, we are committed to elevating our training time with our clients, and that's no different with our virtual engagements. As such, for these programs, we utilize the latest in virtual technology—from green screens, multiple cameras, physical whiteboards, high-tech sound and video programs, and varying camera angles—all of which allows us to provide many "real world" style experiences for our participants. As with all our in-person training, PLC remains committed to offering interactive training that actively engages participants in the learning process.

Below is a bit more information on how our virtual programs stay true to our mission for engaged learning, and detailed descriptions of all programs can be found here: Program Descriptions. Feel free to reach out to learn a bit more about this option and what it requires logistically.

All inquires can be directed to PLC's manager, Katie Flint.


PLC Virtual Training Programs

Interactive Learning

Just like our in-person training, our virtual programs focus on interactive learning and the benefits of experiential learning.

Active Engagement

Thanks to a host of digital tools available via virtual platforms, our online programs still offer lively and purposeful discussions and activities among participants.



The same purposeful content offered in our in-person programs is provided in our virtual sessions, focusing on concepts and principles that can be applied in a variety of professional contexts.

Variety of Modules

One of the benefits of our module designs is that we are able to offer customized variations in virtual formats. For example, normal full day workshops can be scheduled across several days, etc.

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